Engage your users from your iOS app

SimpleFeedback can help you prioritize what's important to your users. Add one or more of our services to your app.


Letting your users send feedback or get support directly from your app improves their experience. Better experience means better reviews. Private complaints and suggestion can be addressed quickly. Our four services are available to add to your app.


Add private in-app feedback to complement the App Store reviews. Use the feedback form to let users tell you areas that they like or dislike so that you can make updates quickly.

Support Cases

Manage your user request for help with the support case form. Respond quickly improves their experience. Case types gives you insight into the types of issues your users frequently experience.

Sales & Leads

If your app generates new sales leads, capture new clients and leads with our sales form. Track deal size and organize your sales activities in your pipeline using stages to increase win rates.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, the CRM form is an all purpose form for your users to contact you with questions about your app or your company.


We've designed SimpleFeedback to have you up and running in minutes.
Once our framework has been added to your iOS app, you can make changes anytime to your forms without having to update your app to the AppStore.

  • Customize Forms

    Customize and design your service forms with our easy to use Form Designer. The smart form can be configured for one or more services.

  • Add our code

    Simply add our SDK/Framwork to your existing iOS project and a few lines of code. We support Objective-C, Swift, and UIWebViews with HTML/JavaScript.

  • Ready to Receive

    You're ready to receive user feedback, support cases, sales questions, or general requests. Set up notifications and alerts

  • Engage with Your Users

    Manage all user activity from inboxes in our Customer Center. Reply, track, prioritize, and more from every contact.

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We developed a simple RGB/Hex/HSV color converter app that uses our SimpleFeedback form. Our free app is called RGBer. The app lets you determine RGB, Hex, and HSV values for any color using 4 unique tools.

The SimpleFeedback form is in the 'About' tab of RGBer. Tap on the Contact Us button and see the form in action. Go ahead and send us a note. We would love to hear from you.

RGBer App




Develop in Objective-C and link with our framework. A simple header file is available for your project.



Swift is also supported. A few lines of code is all you need to add our form to your app.



iOS apps using UIWebView can easily display our form from HTML5/JavaScript code. Override UIWebViewDelegate to open our form in your web app.

Requirements and Detailed Instructions