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Some of the MANY USES of SimpleFeedback

There are many examples of how to use SimpleFeedback in your business. Here are some of our favorites.

Website Feedback

Add a feedback button to your website so your visitors can provide you with comments as they browse your website. Providing a way for visitors to send you a comment is a great way to improve customer engagement and improve your business.

Customer Support

You want to provide great customer support during and after a sale. Our support form lets your customer send you a support question right when it's needed. We'll notify you so you can respond quickly keeping your customers happy.

Get Sales Leads

Sometimes your website can't provide information that customers need. Add our sales lead form to your website for your customers to send a sales question. Being available to answer customer questions will help close that sale.

Beta Testing

Are you redesigning your website? Add a beta feedback button to let customers report issues or make suggestions to improve your design changes. After your beta test period, you can easily change the button and form for another purpose.

Suggestion Box

Add a suggestion box to your website. Customer suggestions are a great way to improve your business. We'll help you track what's most important and respond to them. Customer will feel like they have been heard which improves customer relationships.


If you send out newsletters, you can add a feedback link or QR Code so your readers can send you feedback directly. Being able to track customer feedback through SimpleFeedback is easier than managing messages in your email inbox.

Contact Us

Use our general purpose contact form to let your customers ask you any question or just wants someone to contact them. We'll notify you so you can respond quickly. You can add our contact form to any 'Contact Us' link on your website.

Defect tracking

Sometimes feedback or a support request is actually a bug. Let your customers report bugs. You can add 'Tags' to any feedback and internally categorize bugs. SimpleFeedback can help prioritize what's important and even assign it to your team.

Answer Questions

Add a simple 'Ask a Question' button to your website to let your visitors ask any question from any of your website pages. Customers feel much happier if you can provide answers when they can't find it on your website. Happy customers can mean more sales.

Business Cards

You can add a short URL or QR Code to your business card so that customers can provide feedback or send you a question directly without having to go to your website. Entering the link or scanning the QR Code will open your customized form directly in their browser.


Any time you send an email, you can provide a link to your customized SimpleFeedback form. Your response will show up in their inbox. It's easier to manage a lot of feedback with our management portal than trying to keep track through your email inbox.


If you give a printed invoice or receipt, you can get feedback or provide support by adding a link or QR Code so your customer can open your customized SimpleFeedback form. We'll notify you when one comes in so you can respond and keep your customers happy.

Feedback at Counter

Print a counter display so that your customers can scan a QR Code to provide you with feedback. If you have a restaurant print one for the table. Entering the link or scanning the QR Code will open your customized form directly on their smartphone.


Use SimpleFeedback to collect customer testimonials. Add a category to the feedback form or create a form dedicated to gathering testimonials from customers. If can identify happy customers, send them a request for a testimonial to use for marketing.

Thank You Cards

Sending a thank you card is a great way to show customer appreciation. You can ask for feedback about how they liked your service or product by adding a QR Code on your thank you card. Your customer can use their smartphone to instantly provide feedback.