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Our Services

Simplefeedback helps you to acquire, engage and support your customers.
Our customer service tools will help your users and increase customer satisfaction.


Collect feedback from your customers about your product and services. Use customer feedback to identify areas to improve customer satisfaction.

Support Cases

Support cases give your customers access to help when they need it. Track and manage open cases to help drive quick resolution.

Sales Leads

Sales and lead forms help capture new customer and prospects at your website and drive sales growth.

General Inquiries

A general purpose from to collect contact information of your customers and their interest in various offerings of your business.

Customize and Design for Customer Delight

Build and customize our forms for the services of your choice to match the look & feel of your business

Company Logos

Add your company logo to your forms for easy brand recognition.

Contact Information

Collect your customer's email addresses and full contact informaion

Desktop & Mobile

Built for both desktop browser and mobile devices

Window Styles

Choose the color and style of your forms to match your website.

Text & Lanugage

You are in control of all text and language on your form.

URLs, Javascript & QR Codes

Access your form with URLs, javascript functions and QR Codes.

Manage Customer Activities

Manage all customer interactions from our customer engagement portal.


Each service has its own inbox. Easily filter records and assign owners to users across your team.

Email Responses

Respond to your users with our email form. Choose to let your users respond. All communication is stored on the record for easy review.


Create and assign tags to records. Tags allow you to categorize and organize records for your own unique needs.


Choose to receive email notifications of new records. You can respond to the records right from the notification without need to go to the Customer Center.


Create tasks for records, contacts and members of your team. Your tasks are prominently displayed on the dashboard for easy remembering.


Annotate and store notes on each record. Use notes to log call conversations and communicate to others on your team.